This software is completely free, no donation charges, no monthly or yearly fees, download and use it.

No intermediaries

No web page/company stays between you and your donation or twitch notification, no one is gathering any data on you, people who donate - You are in control. You can deploy the application to a server or run it from local file system.


Every aspect of the notifications can be changed, every component was build/created using open source tools, change it as you please.

What is it?

In general Free Stream Notifications is a set of tools running on your own PC or deployed on a server enabling you to have live stream notifications in obs/xsplit/vMix (it should also work on linux and Macs - didn't test it though).

Why I made it?

Current stream notification systems work based on external web page. You need to register to that service(page). That service can and will gather personal information about you, people who donate, followers, subscribers but also about every transaction that has been made through your donation button. I don't like that and because I want to be in control of my own paypal, and the fact that those services are not free motivated me to create this alternative.

FSN Features

Run the application from your file system or deploy it to a webs server that supports java applications, details how to do that can be found on youtube.

Tracking donations - donation tracking works as any other paypal listener, using paypal API, only difference is that it is integrated into FSN.jar. No external source is handling your donation, no one stays between the donation and the notification. Paypal is "talking" only with FSN.jar, wherever you will deploy it, no external company will gather any data about your transactions and personal information about people who donate remain safe - You are in control.

Twitch notifications - FSN is monitoring twitch, simple html web page will periodically ask twitch for changes, using twitch API, about last followers, subscribers.

You can modify every aspect of those notifications, sound, css, animation, animation speed, twitch "asking" interval. For details please visit my youtube.

Patreon Monitor - Patreon does not have official API yet but that does not mean we cant monitor the changes in your patreon profile html page. This tool will do that and when any change is detected notification is triggered.

Get Started:

For instruction how application work and what you need to configure before you start using it please see videos in next section or visit my youtube channel. For detailed instructions on how to change css, how to change sound, images, how to connect to obs/xsplit/vMix ect. please check my playlist.

Youtube » News and updates » How to deploy FSN to a server »

Free Stream Notifications Animations.

Video showcasing the FSN animations.

Dashboard feature details.

Video showcasing new feature called Dashboard, Video is from FSN v1 0 1. The UI and functionality of Dashboard is shown. The configuration is now outdated but Dashboard features still are the same.

FSN running from locall file system.

Video will guide you step by step how to run FSN from local filesystem.

FSN running on a server.

Video will guide you step by step how to run FSN from openshift server.

Patreon Monitor concept.

Patreon notifications page can be found in dashboard, this video will show you how to use it.

Hitbox notifications.

Video from older FSN version, link to hitbox notifications page can still be found in dashboard but steps how to run it are different.

Important notice

This app is implemented using mongo 2.6. If you use MongoDB 3.2+ follow instruction below.

Starting with MongoDB 3.2 the default storage engine has changed from MMAPv1 to WiredTiger.
Neither MongoDB nor FSN will show errors in the console when WiredTiger is used by MongoDB, BUT FSN will not be able to save any settings so it will be completely broken!

How to fix FSN with MongoDB 3.2+:

  • Clear the C:\data\db folder if you started MongoDB 3.2+ without additional commands (MMAPv1 is incompatible with the database files created by WiredTiger)
  • Start MongoDB using: "mongod.exe --storageEngine=mmapv1"


Click button below to download both applications.

If you using the app and you don't mind me bragging about it send me your twitch name or donate and be part of contributors list. Application does not store or forward any user data so I only will know if you are using the app if you tell me.

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Application is completely free but if you appreciate my work an would like to throw some money at me here is a link. Twitch name and comment are optional.


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